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We got early access to this weekend’s designer warehouse sale | Curated

It’s been far too long since we got glammed up and felt like a million dollars — there, we said it. Hiding away in sweatpants at home has become an all too common occurrence, and we won’t even start to discuss the messy bun situation (it’s fine). Although most of our regular hangouts with friends are now over Zoom, we miss the excitement of shopping for and wearing new clothes. That’s why we literally jumped out of our home office chairs when we discovered we’d be getting early access to Blubir

Developer behind 46-storey Surrey tower talks building into the sky | Urbanized

Metro Vancouver’s real estate market continues to see an upward trend carried over from the last quarter of 2020. In February, home sales were 43% higher than the 10-year sales average for the month. As demand increases, prospective buyers are exploring their options for homes that have been carefully designed to enhance the lifestyle and work-life of residents and their overall community experience. The Grand on King George is a case in point. A development by Allure Ventures Inc., it feature

We asked 3 couples how they (eventually) found love | Curated

Everyone loves a good modern love story as much as the classic tales of Romeo and Juliet or Pride and Prejudice. But these days, we spend so much time on social media that potential soulmates could be missing the chance to lock eyes on the train or meet at their local coffee shop. For this reason, it’s almost rare to meet a couple who met each other in real life, beyond the screens of their smartphones. The thing is, relationships are not always as glamorous as they appear to be in Hollywood m

How to craft connections between brands and cities in content | Dailyhive

No matter what you’re selling, hyperlocal content can help you better connect your brand to a specific city. But creating it means understanding the locals themselves. This includes how they feel about their city, the events that intrigue them, and the offbeat cafés and lesser-known restaurants they visit. Hive Labs works with local, national, and international brands to create content for audiences in seven major cities across Canada and the US. A high percentage of the campaigns we execute ar

We lived in a Vancouver House furnished studio apartment for a weekend | Urbanized

Full disclosure: I live in a ground-level suite in the suburbs of Vancouver. My landlord and her family live upstairs, another tenant lives next door, and there’s an occupied laneway house in the backyard. Everyone is super friendly, but the living situation could best be described as “cozy.” So, when I was given the opportunity to stay in Vancouver’s most talked-about residential building, I couldn’t wait to get a taste of downtown living. My address for the weekend was 1477 Continental Stree

3 ways brands have adapted their advertising to the coronavirus pandemic | Dailyhive

A certain level of risk comes with starting a business, which is something entrepreneurs prepare themselves for. However, the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has left many brands unsure of their next move. All major sporting and entertainment events are cancelled for the foreseeable future. Restaurants, spas, and retail stores have closed their doors, and travel is postponed as airlines cut flights. The continued spread of the coronavirus is impacting all industries, and many advertising strategies

Canadian designer travelled the world to revive restaurants for Netflix show | Curated

Travel is something that almost all of us are missing right now. Immersing yourself in a new culture, taking in the sights and sounds around you, and connecting with the locals who bring vitality to the destination, are all a part of the experience. Karin Bohn, the Vancouver-based interior designer and founder of House of Bohn, knows this well. For her new Netflix show, Restaurants on the Edge, she spent roughly seven months travelling all over the world to revive failing restaurants with resta

15 activities near Vancouver that will transport you to another world | Mapped

At the start of the year, all most of us could think about were carefree summer days (and what destination we would visit next on vacation). While things have turned out slightly different than we imagined, with Canadians advised to avoid non-essential travel outside the country, we’re using this time to get creative when it comes to adventuring within BC. Since the end of summer is near, we’ve created a bucket list of destinations to visit and experiences to enjoy across the Fraser Valley and

Scott Schuman: A traditional street photographer with a fashion POV | Curated

When photographers were only taking runway photos at fashion week, Scott Schuman was changing the dynamic and capturing candid shots of editors, celebrities, and models, outside on the street. Today, Schuman is one of the world’s most popular and talented photographers, known for his revered blog, The Sartorialist. He has amassed over a million followers on Instagram, and if you’re not already following him, one scroll through his feed will show you why you should start. Schuman, who grew up i